About the Trust

  • About The Imogen Cunningham Trust

    Imogen established the Trust in 1975 so that her work could continue to be seen, sold and enjoyed. The Trust continues to be a family-run operation, offering Estate and original lifetime prints to individual collectors and institutions, as well as holding the copyright to all Cunningham images and providing reproduction rights for publication, editorial and marketing use.



    Meg Partridge, Imogen's granddaughter, is the Diretor of the Trust. Her passion and early exposure to photography began in her father, Rondal Partridge's darkroom as a child, hanging out and rocking prints trays, waiting for the images to appear on the silver paper in the developing tray. As a teenage assistant she spotted prints for Imogen, taking the bus, tram and then cable car to get to her San Francisco house from Berkeley.

    "I remember once when I was spotting prints in her studio home - Imo was so funny. I'd be working on a print and she'd say, 'Oh, don't worry about that, it's just going to the Museum of Modern Art.'"  - Meg Partridge

    In the 1980s,  filmmaking became her focus. The first directorial effort, the film  Portrait of Imogen, was released in 1988. An Acadamy Award nominated documentary, it was inspired by a series of interviews that Imogen made with Rondal Partridge late in her life. This lead to two subsequent films on her photographic family. A Visual Life documenting the extraodinary work of my godmother Dorothea Lange and Outta My light, an exploration of the eight decades of photography by her father Rondal Partridge.


    This  close relationship to Imogen and her work, combined with her extensive working knowledge of all aspect of this family archive allowed her to easily take on the roll of Director of the Trust, continuing to share Imogen Cunningham's work with others.