• 10% down upon approval
  • 9 additional payments, one each month
  • 10 payments total
  • No interest or fees to you. 

This service has a simple application that is done entirely online.


To Set Up Your Installment Plan
    1. Go to the Art Money site:  https://www.artmoney.com/us/services/art-money-credit
    2. Click on ‘Get Started”
    3. The application asks you a few basic financial questions.
    4. You can list the exact amount requested for the artwork you would like to buy, or an additional amount. This credit arrangement with Art Money is good for any of our prints at the Trust, at any time.
    5. ArtMoney will ask for a one-time verification from you in a separate email. If they have any questions, they will be in touch with you right away via email.


let us know you are approved with ArtMoney and we will set your print aside.

Email the Imogen Cunningham Trust


Now return to ArtMoney:
    1. Log in to your ArtMoney account.
    2. Select the Imogen Cunningham Trust Gallery from the gallery list
    3. Put down a 10% deposit with ArtMoney- payment 1 of 10.

That's all there is to it!


Next it is the Imogen Cunningham Trust’s Turn!
  • We get a notice that you have placed a deposit down for the artwork - we go to our Art Money admin site, confirm the purchase and upload the artwork details.
  • Next,  we ship the artwork right out to you!