Prints from the Imogen Cunningham Trust

We have a selection of both Silver Gelatin Estate prints and Platinum Estate prints as well as Original prints for sale. Estate Silver Gelatin prints are priced at $1,800 to $2,500. for prints 11x14 and smaller. Large 16x20 inch prints, mounted on 22x28 board, are priced at $4,500. Estate Platinum Prints range in price, dependant upon their image size. 


Original prints were printed in Imogen's darkroom by Imogen herself. Each Original print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Provenance from the Imogen Cunningham Trust. Pricing is based on the prints vintage, availability, size, condition and provenance. 


This is a small, rotating exhibit of prints for sale, but if you see another print you are interested in that is in our more extensive PHOTO LIBRARY, just send us a quick enquiry for more informaiton. All prints come matted and over-matted on museum archival baord, ready to frame. 


    ESTATE PRINTS - Imogen established and initiated her Estate Prints in 1975 for her newly created Trust to enable her significant archive of photographic work to continue to be seen in the world - exhibited and sold. With this in mind, she created a debossed signature to be placed under the print, with an accompanying provenance label on the verso of the mounted print. Each Estate print carries a unique serial number and is printed in the Imogen Cunningham Trust darkroom. As a hand-made silver gelatin print, each print has a unique quality and is printed to match Imogen's original printing aesthetic as closely as possible. 


    PLATINUM PRINTS - Imogen began platinum printing in the early 1900s, after becoming familiar with the process as an assistant at the Edward Curis studio in Seattle. We continue Imogen's enthusiasm for this hand made photographic process with our Platinum Estate Prints. Platinum printing is one of the most archival techniques in photography, even today. Every print is made by literrally made by hand - the emulsion is mixed and spread on to archival paper for each print. The results are a unique representation of each image, with rich warm tones, a long tonal scale and a depth within the print that is hard to replicate with more contemporary photographic processes.


    ORIGINAL PRINTS - The Imogen Cunningham Trust has several original prints in the archive for sale - prints Imogen made in her darkroom, which remained in her personal archive, but which were typically not signed. On the verso of many prints are her printing notes, address stamp, or other notations in her hand. The Imogen Cunningham Trust received these prints as part of the transfer of Imogen's photographic assets to her Trust. All original prints are accompanied by a hand letter-pressed Certificate of Authenticity from the Imogen Cunningham Trust, documenting the provenance of Imogen's work and history of that particular print.