• New Platinotype Book by Pradip Malde with Mike Ware

    A book on the printing of photographs with the noble metals, platinum and palladium.
    New Platinotype Book by Pradip Malde with Mike Ware

    The Imogen Cunningham Trust had the pleasure of contributing Imogen's photograph on the cover of this new book by Pradip Malde. Written with Mike Ware, this work holds decades of information that Pradip Malde and Mike Ware have, together and seperately, developed, refined and documented. This book serves - not only as a clear technical guide - but also as an inspiration for working with this wonderful process. A book worthy of being read, referenced and read again! Link to the book.


  • Talk at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

    September 5 & 6, 2019
    by Meg Partridge
    Talk at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art



    September 5, 12:15-1pm / Curator's Tour
    This edition of our monthly gallery tours will be led by a very special guest, Meg Partridge. Ms. Partridge is the granddaughter of iconic 20th century photographer Imogen Cunningham, whose arresting silver gelatin prints helped advance photography as a fine art form. Ms. Partridge is the director of the Imogen Cunningham Trust, which is dedicated to preserving and promoting Cunningham's work.

    September 6, 6:30pm / Portrait of Imogen screening
    Meg Partridge will give a public lecture on the life and work of Cunningham and present her Academy Award-winning film, "Portrait of Imogen." 


  • Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana

    June 15th 2019 - September 8th 2019
    by Meg Partridge
    Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Indiana

    Seen & Unseen: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham

    Seen & Unseen presents iconographic works alongside rediscovered images from this great American artist. It is the first exhibition tour of Cunningham's photographs in the United States in 20 years, giving new generations an in-depth view of her work.

  • Turku Art Museum Exhibition, Finland

    June 7 to September 15, 2019
    by Meg Partridge
    Turku Art Museum Exhibition, Finland
  • by Meg Partridge
    John Butler with Mask, about 1923
    John Butler with Mask, about 1923


    Focusing on the men of her life and times, these photographs span the seven decade career of a pioneering female photographer. Curated by Danielle Dean and Barbara Cox.

  • Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina

    February 2 to April 29, 2018
    by Meg Partridge
    Three Dancers, Mills College, 1929
    Three Dancers, Mills College, 1929

    SEEN AND UNSEEN, Imogen Cunningham

    Enjoy this travelling exhibition of Imogen Cunningham, curated by Celina Lunsford. American photographer Imogen Cunningham was an extraordinary technician who produced deeply poetic work. In the 1930s she joined the West Coast Group f.64, which included Ansel Adams, Henry Swift, and Edward Weston. Instrumental in the struggle for the acceptance of photography as a legitimate art form, Cunningham was also a social activist, documenting the beat movement of the 1950s and the countercultural revolution of the late 1960s. Throughout her career, Cunningham valued the importance of light, form, and pattern in her compositions. Her pioneering use of platinum printing and often of double exposures are still of interest to contemporary photographers. Cunningham, who died in 1976, remains one of the most popular and innovative photographers in the history of the genre.