Interior Design and Curatorial Support

We are aware of the diverse needs of people that come to us, from a collector seeking advise on a selection of prints to requests from interior designers looking to present a design for a multiple-print commercial project. We also offer provenance and print information research for appraisers. Contact us for more information.


    • Appraisal Research and Information

      Appraisal Research and Information

      In our archive we hold a great amount of detail regarding Imogen's prints and print processes, as well as specific technical, location and print provenance information that appraisers may appreciate for a fuller description of a particular print. Please contact us to see if we can assist with print background information. Please note that we are not certified appraisers and do not offer appraising services; we assist appraisers with regards to Imogen's work. 

    • Interior Designers

      Interior Designers

      Our special program for interior designers works with tight schedules to provide multiple photographs for a location. We have experience working with designers, from selection of the work to completion and delivery of framed prints ready to hang. We are able to provide prints both larger and smaller for public and personal spaces.

    • Collection Consulting

      Collection Consulting

      We have an extensive knowledge of the Cunningham prints both in our archives and accessible to us that enable us to bring together unique collections of work, from vintage signed work to contemporary platinum and silver gelatin prints made from Imogen's negatives. Please contact us for more details regarding your specific interests.