1331 Green Street, 1947

1331 Green Street, 1947


Here is the print of 1331 Green Street. It turns out it is from 1947, during the first year that Imogen was on Green Street.

You can see the top of her house in the background -- the window you see was her photo mounting/prep room, which was designed as the bedroom, but she did not use it as such. The main floor was up a flight of outdoor steps, so the house had a basement underneath it -- it was quite rustic, and the ceilings were short, as I remember. This is where she had her darkroom. Rather undeveloped other than that.

The print is 13x10 inches, mounted and over-matted on archival board that is 20x16 inches. This Estate print is a Silver Gelatin print, ready to frame.

A 16x20 inch frame will fit fine. It is always good to protect the back mat (which holds the title label) when framing. To show the label, you could add a piece of plexiglass on the back, or even make a copy of the label for your reference and put an archival board or archival foam-core on the back.

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