• Repro Licensing, Print and Electronic licensing

    Repro Licensing

    Print and Electronic licensing

    The Imogen Cunningham Trust holds the copyright and licenses reproduction rights for all Imogen Cunningham photographs.The Cunningham Trust. We offer publication rights for printed and electronic use of Imogen Cunningham's photographs.


    We strive to be very responsive to your needs, responding as quickly as possible. If you have specific details regarding your licensing request, please include them in your initial contact with us, so we can be more accurate in the pricing for your needs. Upon agreement of the requested use and fee, we will send out agreements and invoices, as well as a link to the high resolution scan.


    We always provide high resolution scans at no additional charge with our publication agreements. We provide jpgs at 720dpi with the longest length at 10 inches, unless you need a larger scan. All images come to you spotted, cleaned and ready for publication.


    While other institutions may offer scans for publication, they do not hold the right to publish the work, so please contact us first before you purchase a scan (ours are free with the license) so we can help you to not duplicate your costs.