Framing Your Print

At the frame shop, select either a metal frame (more archival) or a wooden frame. Be sure they put the print (which is already matted and over matted) into the frame with an archival piece of foam core or archival 4-ply or 8-ply board behind the back mat of the print.

On the back mat, there is a label, which should be protected. If you want to see the label after you frame the print, you can put Plexiglas in place of the protective foam-core. Some people make a photo copy of the label for their records. Some people even attach this reproduction of the label to the protective foam core. Our unique serial number is written in the lower right corner of the back mat. Don’t erase this!

If possible, get a piece of ultra-violet Plexiglas (if it is ever moved, this is easier to handle than glass) or ultra-violet glass for the frame. When cleaning Plexiglass, be sure to use Plexiglass cleaner and a very soft or microfiber cloth. Plexiglass scratches easily. If you get glass, you can get 'museum' glass, which is less reflective – it looks like you barely even have glass in there!

Do not hang the print where any direct rays of the sun reach it. It is always better to hang prints on an inside wall, unless you have a moisture-free wall -- which is more common in relatively new construction. The humidity from outside walls can travel through insulation to the inside walls over time, if you do not have vapor barriers built into the walls.

If, over time, the back foam-core or mat board becomes wavy, you probably have moisture-migration through the wall, which will negatively affect the print. In this case, remove the print from the frame, check for any damage and re- frame with a new back-board. If your print has moisture problems on the mat board or print itself, a qualified photo restorer can stabilize the print before you re-frame it.

If you need to hang a print on the outside wall of an older house, ask the framer to seal the back of the frame (after all the components have been stabilized in an archival environment) with a water-tight membrane.