SHIPPING and Guarantee

We understand that buying prints online without seeing the individual piece can be a leap of faith - we want to assure you that purchasing from the Imogen Cunningham Trust is an easy, direct process, and we will make sure you will be happy with the photograph you purchased.

At the Imogen Cunningham Trust, you are guaranteed to be buying directly from the Imogen Cunningham family. Meg Partridge, the Director of the Imogen Cunningham Trust, is Imogen's granddaughter, and has been around photography all her life. As a teenager, Meg worked for Imogen in her business, spotting and preparing prints. Meg knows Imogen's work well, and is knowledgable about each piece's lineage and provenance, insuring that you are receiving exactly what is described.

When we prepare a print for sale, we carefully inspect the print and research its history, to make sure that we properly describe both the print condition as well as the provenance of the print, if known. With Estate Prints, send out only prints that are in excellent condition.



We fully insure every shipment, so if there is any damage whatsoever, the print is fully insured. Our photographs are double boxed and bubble wrapped with internal plywood reinforcement to prevent any damage.

We ship prints via Federal Express overnight air or International Air service. We do require a signature for the prints upon arrival, so be sure that you, or another adult, will be at your shipping address to accept the package when it arrives. If you have another shipping method you would prefer, just let us know.



We ship DVDs via the US Postal Service, book rate, in the USA. For foreign sales we whip US Postal Service Air Mail. If you have a need for the package to arrive quickly within the USA, please contact us and we can air-ship it to you.



We advise you to inspect your purchase when it first arrives for damage during shipment. 

Please inspect your package when you receive it. If there is evidence of exterior damage to the shipping carton and the delivery person is present, ask them to note it on their delivery manifest and request a damage claim form.Should it be necessary for you to submit a damage claim the notation on the manifest may prove to be very helpful.

If there is any damage to the package, accept the package  -- do not refuse delivery And contact us right away. 800/886-3135. Make sure that you keep all packaging (boxes, shipping labels, packing material, etc.) as the shipper/insurer will need to inspect not only the print but the packaging as well.  We are fully insured for the cost of the print in shipment, but that of course does not insure that we can actually replace unique prints; just that the print will be insured for the value of the work.



Before returning a print please call us at 800/886-3135 or email Meg at We cannot accept a return without first being contacted by you.

Once we have received your request, we will send you additional details regarding the return procedure, such as how to prepare the print for shipping and packaging instructions. Please do not ship by USPS - only Federal Express Air or an approved Art Shipping service.