Licensing Imogen Cunningham Photographs

The Imogen Cunningham Trust holda all copyrights to Imogen Cunningham's images and offers reproduction licenses for print, digital and other personal and commercial use.


If you are interested in licensing a Cunningham image for reproduction, please send us as much information as you can so we can properly price the license for you :

  • image use
  • print run
  • publisher
  • publication date
  • title
  • author
  • edition number

We provide high resolution scans at no additional charge with all our licensing agreements. All our scans are professionally produced and  have been technically spotted, cleaned, leveled and matched to the aesthetics of original Cunningham prints. (Please note that while other institutions may offer to sell you a scan of a Cunningham image, they do not hold the copyright nor have the authority to license the image for your use.)