Print Guarantee

  • We want you to be happy with your purchase

    At the Imogen Cunningham Trust, you are guaranteed to be buying directly from the family of mogen Cunningham. Meg Partridge, the Director of the Imogen Cunningham Trust, is Imogen's granddaughter, is knowledgeable about each piece's lineage and provenance, insuring that you are receiving exactly what is described.


    We understand that buying prints online without seeing the individual piece can be a leap of faith - we want to assure you that purchasing from the Imogen Cunningham Trust is an easy, direct process, and we will make sure you will be happy with the photograph you purchased.


    When we prepare an Estate print for sale, we carefully inspect the print to insure that it is in pristine condition, matted and over-matted and ready to frame. Original prints, printed by Imogen, are carefully examined so that we can provide a full condition report. Each print is also accompanied by a hand letter-pressed Certificate detailing the provenance of the print.